Prof. Jan Krejsek, MD, PhD, CSc (CZ)

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Date of birth: 2nd December, 1958

Thesis: Immunophenotyping of lymphoid origin leukemias 1993 Board certifi cation in medical immunology 1986 Board certifi cation in medical microbiology and immunology 1982 Graduated (MSc.) 1977?1982 Purkyne?s Uni­versity Brno, School of Science, branch – general biology, specialization – bacterial genetics

Scientific output: Principal investigator of the research project dealing with immunophenotyping of blood malignancies and multiple drug resistance of leukemia cells. Current interest is infl ammatory response induced by cardiac surgical operation.

Dr. Jan Krejsek is author or co-author of 429 original papers, review articles and abstracts and chapters in books published largely in Czech medical journal and author or co-author of 386 lectures or poster presentations. His papers have been cited approx. 158 times according to the ICI Citation Index.

Textbook Fundamental of Medical Immunology was awarded by the rector of Charles University as the best textbook of the year 1994.

Monograph "Clinical Immunology? was awarded by Czech Literare Fundation as the best book in medicine in the year 2004.

Monograph "Clinical Immunology? was awarded by Dr. Paul Janssen fundation as the best book in allergy and clinical immunology in the year 2004.