Prof. Zslot Tulassay, MD (HU)

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Chairman of the International Gastro-Surgical Club, Hungarian Chapter

Date of birth: 1st May 1944

Education: 1969 Medical Doctor, Semmelweis University, Medical School, Budapest 1974 Specialist for internal medicine 1992 Specialist for gastroenterology 1980 PhD, Thesis: The role of ERCP in pancreatic diseases 1991 DSc, Thesis: Somatostatin in the gastroenterology

Positions: 1968?1976 Assistant Professor in the 1st Dept. of Internal Medicine, Semmelweis University Medical School, Budapest 1976?1990 Associate Professor 1991?1993 Professor of Medicine 1993 Professor and Chairman of 2nd Department of Medicine, Semmelweis University Medical School, Budapest 2004 Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Cooperations: Department of Gastroenterology, University Nottingham, UK University California, Irvine, Long Beach, California, Department of Internal Medicine, University of Padua, Italy, Medical Clinic of University Magdeburg, Germany, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, Ohio Department of Internal Medicine, University of Regensburg ,Germany University of Massachusetts Medical School, Division of Gastroenterology, Worcester, USA

Scientific interests: Gastrointestinal endoscopy Pancreatic diseases Liver diseases Somatostatin in the gastroenterology Clinicopharmacology of peptic ulcer disease Operative endoscopy Inflammatory bowel diseases Osteoporosis in gastroenterological diseases Helicobacter pylori infection

Publications: 532 original papers 9 books 41 book chaptes Citation Index: over 3000 HIRSCH-index: 21 Impact factor of publications: 547.408 480 abstracts